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Route: 66

Route 66 is an iconic road trip route with tons of neat sights and history. The original stretch of highway is nearly 2,500 miles long and is known as the mother of all road trips! Get your kicks, and a souvenir badge, on route 66!

Route 66 stretches from Chicago to LA and will take you through the plains of the Midwest through the southwestern desert, to the salty coast, as well as three time zones, and eight states! If that doesn't scream epic road trip, I don't know what does!

Sometimes there’s a tackiness about Route 66 that out-tacks any tackiness I’ve ever seen anywhere else. And the Meramec Caverns are the pinnacle of that tack. -Billy Connolly

Route 66 is one of the most famous highways in the world, if not THE most famous, and has been featured in countless songs and films! Snap a selfie in some spots from your favorite movies!

Unusual Sights

There are a number of strange things to see along the famous Route 66. Possibly the most interesting is the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, Texas. As you're driving, you'll see cars, yes actual cars, sticking straight up out of the ground like cornstalks! It's not your eyes playing tricks on you, it's real. Be sure to stop for a few minutes to gawk and leave your own mark on the colorful cars.

The Polka Dot Drive In in Braidwood, Illinois is where you can get your fill at a classic 50s style drive in! Complete with burgers, fries, shakes, and endless diner coffee!

When cruising through Albuquerque, New Mexico take a chance to slow down and enjoy the Musical Highway. No, the roadside is not littered with musical artists serenading you as you drive by, it's covered in musical rumble strips! When driven over at 45-miles per hour, the rumble strips on this section of Route 66 seem to play the patriotic tune ‘America the Beautiful.’ Inspired by a National Geographic show that designed experiments aimed at changing social behaviors, the goal was originally to help drivers focus on the task at hand, requiring a vehicle to be traveling at the exact speed limit to work correctly. It has to be heard to be believed!

Those are only a few of the unreal sights to see along the highway, you'll have to take the trip yourself to see what else lies along the magical route!

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