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Destination: Jerome, Arizona

A short jaunt through the mountain headed north from Prescott on Highway 89 will bring you to the cliffside town of Jerome, Arizona. Jerome is small but packed with interesting things to see and do.

Known as a ghost town due to a history of mining accidents, murders, and tragedies this tiny town is sure to give you full body chills! Spend a night with ghosts in the haunted Grand Hotel after grabbing a spooky bite to eat at the Haunted Hamburger. Investigate historic downtown and hear some of the incredibly true scary stories in the places they actually happened! You can even book a guided ghost tour to give you the full spooky experience!

Jerome has a long history of mining, and you can learn all about it at the Audrey Headframe Park where you can view some of the ancient mining equipment including the Audrey Shaft which allows you to stand on a glass platform above a 1,900 ft deep shaft. That's 650 feet taller than the Empire State Building! It is the largest wooden headframe still standing in Arizona, and was completed in 1918.

The Jerome State Historic Park is open daily from 8am-5pm and also features the Douglas Mansion where you can view a 3-D model of the town and its underground mines, and enjoy a picnic with incredible views of the Verde Valley and Sedona Red Rock Cliffs!

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