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Destination: Wickenburg, Arizona

A mere 50 mile drive from Phoenix, Arizona will take you back in time to the old west town of Wickenburg. Founded in 1863, Wickenburg holds onto its gold rush roots and cowboy ways, and is the team roping capital of the world. This tiny town boasts the best location in Arizona with mountain views, and a short drive in any direction will take you somewhere amazing!

What to do

There's plenty to see and do in Wickenburg, with 30 restaurants to choose from, and a handful of antique shops to explore, as well a two level museum and art gallery, you'll never find yourself bored. Downtown Wickenburg has somewhere to eat no matter the time of day ow what food you're craving! Have breakfast at the Horseshoe Cafe, then enjoy a

beer and a game of pool at the Mecca, or a killer taco salad at Rancho Bar 7. At 7pm, swing into the Saguaro Theater to catch the evening show, or head over to the Palamino Club for live music and dancing!

Feeling like getting out of town? Rent an overland Jeep Wrangler from Carefree Adventure Co., or an OHV from Happy Trails, and go explore Box Canyon and the Hassyampa River. You can even head southwest out of town on Vulture Mine Road and hike Vulture Peak or explore the ghost town of Vulture Mine.

In the winter months, you can catch the cowboys and cowgirls in action at a ready nearly any day of the week!

Be careful visiting Wickenburg, though, you might get roped into the community and decide to stick around!

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